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why you are probably going to hell.   
04:01pm 08/12/2005
mood: shut the fuck up
christmas is a pagan holiday. lets figure this one out

the seventh deadly sin is gluttony. well, wouldn't consumerism en masse make you guilty of gluttony? YEAH MOTHERFUCKER. THATS RIGHT!
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i don't watch a lot of movies.   
08:56am 26/10/2005


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Which movies have you seen?

miserable failure, great success   
09:56pm 16/10/2005
  cool female, circuitbending success, very bikes, very drinks.

now, very tired.
05:30am 08/10/2005

I am a d100

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

ok duedz   
06:17am 05/10/2005
  Leave your name and:
1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
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fuck reptoids dude   
04:27am 23/09/2005
  reptiles on steroids bumping 20,000 dollar stereos, FAGS@!  
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oh yeah, and another one   
04:45pm 14/09/2005
  to everyone going to college for photography.....

...please save yourself the time and effort of years in school, and countless dollars paid by you're parents, and just get a service job at walmart, meijers, walgreens, or the like. it'll save you the trouble of doing it later.

i mean, seriously.

(students of journalism also heed my words)
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04:35pm 14/09/2005
  i need a date to the prom
would you like to come along
stop crying   
04:20am 02/09/2005
  ride a bike, faggots  
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12:23am 15/08/2005
  there is a trapdoor on the back of my skull, everything vanished and now i'm mad as fuck.  
calculated movements   
11:46am 02/08/2005
  recap of my dream

i started out on a roadtrip with trent and jane lane, going into the mountians to a cabin we owned, where all my board games from my childhood were in boxes, the only way we could continue was to find specific pieces, which we did not. at one point we were talking with rednecks just south of my old neighborhood, where there was a star theater, and a big boy that i guess i never knew about. we ended up in a commune type place where there were the dykes that owed my dad money. not the ones that owed him, but ones that were associated with her. it ended up comming down to me making out with one of them, then becomming enbroiled in a public-sex setting where the womans daughter ended up walking in, thus killing the mood. at that point, me, jane, trent, a black josh selph, and i think eric decided to roll, but one of the cars was josh's and it started to break down. at that point we ended up in two cars, and me and trent ended up losing jane and eric. we panicked, then it cut to me deciding to swim the entire width of a lake (spencer park). now i hate lakes, i'm terrified by natural bodies of water. i did it, then i got out and uh, come to think of it thats when the dykes came in. we returned, and decided to depart in one car. at that point, black josh selph decided to stick around and get with that dyke, who had borrowed my coat. there was a blank block of time, which came back to me getting my coat returned then hearing the lurid details about the dykes and black josh selphs sexual encounter. i woke up.
broken bones hurt more then broken hearts   
05:13pm 01/08/2005
mood: destroy
i'll cut fucking guts out of your fuck life
04:51pm 28/07/2005
  lets see.

current consoles i'm rocking are

atari 2600
atari 7800
atari jaguar
sega master system
sega genesis
sega dreamcast

make game suggestions, please.

also, in the next few weeks i shall be obtaining another ps2, and a neo geo pocket.
the motherfuckin lowest of the lowdown   
06:59am 02/06/2005
mood: hoe'd
1 year probation
1000 dollars
40 hours community service
random drug tests

not all that bad, but the kicker is that they want me to attend therepy sessions once a week. the place will not accept insurance, which means i have to pay everything out of my own pocket. i'm really getting it stuck to me, but at least i'm not in jail. i guess i'll just be flushing this fucking year right down the fucking toilet and waste my good times on working hard at somewhere i really wish i was not at. on the plus side...

wait, there is no plus side. i don't even have drugs to assist in coping with my problem. *$&%&(#*(#*#%$FAGS

WAIT. there is a plus side. obtaining kens festiva and boatloads of choice nintendo ds games, and a modded ps2. other then that, see above.
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04:04am 21/05/2005
  i have a steel chip in my ear  
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02:50am 16/05/2005
  i was thinking of getting a goliath bird eating spider. they grow to the size of a dinner plate.  
09:06pm 13/05/2005

You are

ok court friday   
09:08pm 19/04/2005
mood: sad
i can't puff, wish me luck.
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06:46am 04/04/2005
mood: guuuuulp
the sky turned from black to red (like the flame accents on drews cool shirts)
missles flyin thru the air (nerf guns in the backyard with lil brother)
millions of demons run thru your head (godsmack on the headphones)
and people around you don't seem to care ("get lost faggot")
the end of the world is lurkin near (will drew finally kill himself??)
start runnin for your guns (see above, nerf guns)
the antichrist is comming soon (right to downtown royal oak)
theres nowhere you can run (you can ride your bike there though)

get inside (and stay there, faggot)
there is nowhere you can hide (except under cool flame shirts)
step into reality (judging by these lyrics, drew is far from it)
life can be a bitch (yeah, if you are a stone-faced stalker faggot)
don't let it throw you in a ditch (yeah, a mud puddle will do)
its time to survive lets stay alive (he should reconsider)

walkin thru the bloodfilled streets (downtown royal oak)
thinkin about your family and friends (parents that resent him for being bi, 14 year olds durring the summer)
nows not the time to be depressed (i don't see why it isn't)
you'll be kickin ass in the end (bullshit.)
new suns about to rise (to mark the dawning of another shitty day in the life of droo)
get ready for a big suprise (you finally got to sixty nine)
troops are marching everywhere (ready for pleasure)
theres just too much something that you can bear (faggot)

get inside (please do)
there is nowhere you can hide (curl up inside a gun, drew)
step into reality (yeah drew, step into reality)
life can be a bitch (when you look like a monster)
don't let it throw you in a ditch (ask it to drop you off at the corner, nicely)
its time to survive lets stay alive (i would advise against it)
john knight and david walker   
10:01pm 31/03/2005
mood: april 28th
michigan attire distracts from routines, causes other students to behave inappropriately. district policy on february k-12 will take your encouraging policy, appreciated. pen pals thanks love lock 100 day. malone conley, includes 2000 prize special, art grade.